Kubusi Safaris
James and Megan Williamson
Shanklin Estates
Tel: +27 43 683 1923

XXL Game Reserve
Tel: +27 46 622 7723

Kings View Estate
Tel: +27 46 622 8631
Cell: +27 82 441 2055

James: james@geenet.co.za
Megan: megan@geenet.co.za

James Williamson:

Owner of Kubusi Safaris and Glen Boyd Taxidermy. James and Megan started Kubusi Safaris in the 90's after working for the Ciskei Parks Board. Their passion for the outdoors and good ethics and values give a good grounding for a solid established hunting company. James has hunted throughout the world and still pursues his passion.

Temba Dweza:

Temba has been involved in Kubusi since its establishment. He and James built the lodges together. Temba started as a tracker, is now one of our top professional hunters and managers all the hunting and wildlife management at Shanklin Estates. His wife Sinthea runs the lodge and together they make a great team.

Deon Pretorius:

Deon is our manager at Glen Boyd Estate, running the hunting staff and the wildlife management. He is also one of our professional hunters and has exceptional local knowledge.

Dave Bursey:

Dave has been hunting since he was a lad. He is clearly one of the best Bow Hunters and Bow Hunting guide in South Africa. He is also a passionate fisherman and all round outdoorsman.

Greg Hubbard:

"Hunting and fishing outdoors has always been a passion of mine. There is nothing more rewarding than a good day in the bush with like minded people. Every year my passion grows more and more for the sights and sounds that I'm lucky to call my office". Greg was born and raised in the Eastern Cape and started hunting when he was a teenager. After completing his military service, Greg continued following his passion as a hunter and outdoorsman. He then spent 5 years working in the UK and returned to South Africa and continued working as a professional hunter full time. Greg's outgoing personality and knowledge of the bush makes him a great asset to Kubusi Safaris and a brilliant guide.

Charl Crouse:

"I have been hunting since the age of 10 years old, It has always been a passion of mine and I knew I wanted to pursue it as my occupation when I was older. I also help local farmers with vermin control shooting baboons, lynx, jackal and bush pig. I enjoy socializing with clients and having the opportunity to show them a true African experience".